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Oliveira, a worldwide recognized brand known for consistent quality and exceptional service, is proud to be a part of WireCo WorldGroup to bring our customers even more wire rope and synthetic rope solutions to your worksite.

Being a part of WireCo WorldGroup offers many advantages.  Not only will you have access to Oliveira’s hard-working products, exceptional service and experienced staff, you also have the expertise and guaranteed value of WireCo WorldGroup, a global leader in engineering, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality wire, wire rope, wire rope assemblies, high strength synthetic rope and electromechanical cable.

You can count on Oliveira and WireCo WorldGroup products for the toughest applications in your industry.

WireCo WorldGroup Acquires the Assets of Netherlands Based Endenburg B.V.

WireCo WorldGroup Inc. (WireCo) acquires the majority of the assets of Endenburg B.V. (Gouda), a Netherlands based company. As part of the agreement, WireCo will establish a crane rope distribution center at the current Gouda location, called the WireCo Crane Center. 

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Spotlight on Innovation: Dr. Oliver Fries speaks at International Tower Cranes Conference

On Tuesday, November 5th in Berlin, Germany, the room was packed as Dr. Oliver Fries, WireCo’s Vice President European Engineering & Technical Services, spoke at the third annual International Tower Cranes Conference.

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