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Harbor Cranes

Rough working conditions in bulk unloading and special lifting applications in a harbor call for robust and reliable solutions. High safety and the trust in the used equipment can only be fulfilled if the ropes cope with those requirements. OLIVEIRA products provide the needed performance for a trouble-free operation in your harbor. Unloading a ship with high speed cycling operation asks for high performance and our ropes deliver that.

Container Handling

The main performance criteria for a modern Container Handling Equipment is speed. Time is money, this buzzword meets the business requirements of the container business in a perfect way. Only the moved containers per hour count and any downtime or unplanned service is a loss. This is important, but even more for the hoist ropes, as they bear the highest burden. Best quality and the deep knowledge of the application lead to a rope portfolio which meets those high demands.

Harbor Mobile Crane

Rubber Tired Gantry / Rail Mounted Gantry

Offshore Pedestal Crane