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Fishing Wire Ropes

Date of Publication: Feb 2017. Source: Fishing Wire Ropes Catalog (8 pages)


Fishing Wire Ropes (Spanish)

Date of Publication: January 2017. Source: Spanish Fishing Wire Rope Catalog (8 pages)


Steel Wire Ropes for Cranes

Date of Publication: February 2024. Source: Oliveira Special Wire Ropes (21 pages)


Steel Wire Rope Catalog (Portuguese)

Date of Publication: 2019. Source: Oliveira Steel Wire Rope Catalog for all applications in Portuguese (103 pages) 

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Synthetic Ropes

Date of Publication: March 2018. Source: Synthetics Rope Catalog (32 pages)


Hardware (Portuguese)

Source: Hardware Portuguese Catalog (65 pages)


Safety Instructions for Steel Wire Ropes

Date of Publication: March 2018. Source: Steel Wire Rope Safety Manual (28 pages)


Swivel Usage

Date of Publication: April 2020. Source: Product Bulletin (2 pages)

Using an active, in-line, anti-friction swivel with the majority of types and classes of wire ropes is detrimental to their service life and can lead to unpredictable conditions during operation. This product bulletin provides the basic reasoning behind why swivels aren't recommended for use with wire ropes except for those that exhibit a similar torque characteristic to that of a category 1 rotation-resistant rope.